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Experience the evolution of counseling


You can meet with a counselor any where - on any device - and at your convenience.

Plus, you can choose an affordable plan to fit your budget.

Life happens...and it doesn't wait for an appointment.

We understand that life's everyday challenges can leave you feeling stressed, anxious, and worried.  You may also be facing the hardship of a job loss or relationship troubles.

These issues can affect everyone, and when they do, you can have a therapist right at your fingertips, whether it be through text, phone or video.

You're not alone - right now 60% of Americans are feeling daily stress and worry. 

Who are our experts?

You'll be connecting with a licensed counselor, trained in helping people with a range of emotional challenges. 

Our counselors treat issues including everyday stress and anxiety to more significant clinical issues such as depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, and PTSD among others. 


A proud partner

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Virtual Care is a service of Envision Counseling

a self-pay counseling group, and does not

participate in private insurance.

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